100% Natural Roasted Almond Butter

New, Improved & Creamier Recipe!

No additives, no preservatives, just delicious almonds. All of the almonds that go in our almond butter have been grown, harvested, inspected and packaged at our family-owned farm and facility in Northern California. Put a spin on a classic – make an almond butter and jelly sandwich! You’re never too old for an AB&J. If you’re looking for an Almond Butter with just one ingredient, look no further than our 100% Natural Roasted Almond Butter. Available in a 12oz jar.

You can also find our Natural Almonds in Whole Roasted, Natural Whole and CHOPPED!

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Ingredients: 100% Natural Roasted Almond Butter

2 reviews for Creamy Natural Roasted Almond Butter

  1. vsortiz14

    I purchased this at a local grocery store with hesitation. I have always eaten PB and am a creature of habit…to an extent. Now, I am hooked! I love how natural this tastes and it’s an item with low carbs for my Keto diet. No added anything. I am a huge fan now : )

  2. Ricky Lawson

    This almond butter is the BEST out there. It’s way more creamy than when i first started buying it. 10/10 for Almond Butter for sure.

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